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Six workshop series and over 100 industry workshops each year on topics relevant to industry and artistry.

Mastering Your Craft

  • Mastering Your Craft – Elaine Overholt*
  • Mastering Your Craft – Tom Jackson*
  • Music Theory in Practice
  • Reading Charts
  • Preparing for Rehearsals
  • How to Practice Effectively
  • Songwriting Development
  • How to Arrange Music

Essential Skills

  • Performance 101
  • Cables 101
  • Music Theory 101
  • Basic Social Media Skills for Artists
  • Professional Communication
  • Advocating for Yourself
  • Releasing Music Commercially
  • Making the Most of the Gear You Have (Recording)
  • Making the Most of the Gear you Have (Performance)
  • Stage Presence Fundamentals
  • Workplace Health and Safety

Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Booking Shows/Festivals
  • How to Register Your Business*
  • Social Media Methodology
  • Equipment and Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Building the Right Team
  • Bookkeeping and Taxes as a Artist
  • Writing your Artist Bio
  • FACTOR – Artist Development Grant

Music Industry Overview

  • Understanding Radio
  • Understanding Performance Rights Organizations (e.g., SOCAN)
  • Understanding Funding Sources (e.g., FACTOR)
  • Understanding Musicians’ Rights Organizations (e.g., MROC)
  • Understanding Musicians Unions (e.g., AFM/TMA)
  • Understanding Revenue Streams and Royalties
  • Understanding Record Labels
  • Understanding Publishing
  • Understanding Touring
  • The Big Picture – How It All Fits Together
  • What is a Sideman, and How Do I Become One?

Advanced Music Industry

  • Preparing Your Release for Radio
  • Learning about DMDS
  • Nielsen Soundscan BDS
  • Artwork and Design for your Release
  • Conferences and Networking
  • Regional and National Touring
  • International Touring
  • Applying for FACTOR Juried Sound Recording

Festival Preparation Series

  • Stage Managers Panel
  • Making your Stage Plot and Tech Rider
  • Building an Effective EPK
  • Communicating with Festivals
  • Interfacing with Production


    Our organization exists to create a reliable, and accessible network of artists who are eager to learn, share and support each other. At the co-op, not only do you have access to mentors, but also have the ability to mentor others and pass along what you’ve learned. It’s a lot easier to learn together than learn alone.


    When you’re building out a release strategy or preparing a grant application, we’re here to help! You can book a one-on-one meeting with one of our members to help you navigate new territories, or refresh your knowledge.